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What is the TruGreen lawsuit about?

Attorney Galvin Kennedy from Kennedy Hodges LLP answers your questions about the TruGreen lawsuit. Our attorneys are currently representing current and former lawn maintenance workers (known as “technicians”) and sales representatives (referred to as telemarketers) for TruGreen in Texas and New York. TruGreen has paid many of its employees using the Fluctuating Work Week method of pay, which is also known as Chinese Overtime. Under this pay method, the more an employee works, the less he or she makes per hour. We have reviewed complaints from numerous employees in various positions from across the country including New York, Texas, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  We believe that TruGreen may have violated the law. Our clients claim they worked more than forty (40) hours per week for TruGreen, but because of alleged wage and hour violations, they were not paid the overtime rates required under the Fair Labor Standards Act.If you want to learn more about this lawsuit, contact us at 1-888-449-2068 or send in your Consent Form to our office if you would like to join.