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Computer and IT The Computer Professional exemption does not apply to all computer professionals. Learn your FLSA rights by ordering our free overtime and wage claim guide.
Service Technicians Repair and service technicians are frequently denied overtime pay and are not compensated fairly or all hours worked. Contact Kennedy Hodges' overtime attorneys today for help.
Independent Contractors Are you misclassified as an independent contractor? Order a free copy of our wage guide to learn how this affects your paycheck & your overtime.
Cable Installers Satellite and cable TV installers and technicians in are frequently deprived of the overtime wages to which they are lawfully entitled. Contact Kennedy Hodges overtime lawyers today for a consultation.
Sales Representatives Sales agents and representatives should know if they are owed overtime under the FLSA. Order Kennedy Hodges' free wage and overtime book if you believe you have been cheated on your paycheck.
Tipped Employees Waiters and other tipped staff are often victims of wage theft. Tipped employees robbed of wages should order Kennedy Hodges free guide to learn your FLSA rights.
Nurses/Healthcare If you are a nurse or healthcare professional not being paid overtime order a free copy of Kennedy Hodges' wage and overtime book today. Contact our wage lawyers today for a free case review.
Paralegal Find out if you are a paralegal who is owed compensation for overtime. Contact an unpaid overtime lawyer at Kennedy Hodges for a free, confidential consultation about your case.
Oil, Gas, Field Workers Many oil and gas field service technicians are improperly classified as exempt employees and are not paid for all the hours they have worked.
Call Center Workers Call center workers are frequently forced to work off the clock and are deprived of the overtime wages to which they are lawfully entitled. Contact a Kennedy Hodges' overtime lawyer today for a free case evaluation.
Banking Industry Many banking, mortgage and insurance employees are being deprived of fair wages and overtime. Order Kennedy Hodges' free wage guide to learn how to recover your back pay.
Retail Store Employees The retail industry is filled with unlawful pay practices and wage violations. Order Kennedy Hodges' free guide to learn your FLSA rights under the labor laws.
Accountants & Auditors Accountants and auditors without CPA are eligible to overtime. Learn more with a free copy of The 10 Biggest Mistakes that can Hurt Your Wage and Overtime Claim.
Bookkeepers & Clerks Bookkeepers and clerks may be eligible to overtime pay. If you have been denied your wages order our free guide to learn your wage and overtime rights.
Other Workers We Help Denied your proper wages? Contact an employment lawyer from Kennedy Hodges to discuss what rights workers have under the labor and employment laws.

Representing Victims of Unpaid Overtime and Wage Violations

Computer and ITComputer and IT

Many computer workers believe they are not due overtime because they’ve heard about an exemption called the “computer professional exemption.” It certainly sounds like it applies to all computer workers. However, that title was a poor choice of words by the legislature. Despite the title of the exemption, many employees who work with computers as part of their job are still eligible for overtime pay…

Service TechniciansService Technicians

Service technicians don't have a typical 9 to 5 job. They don't have a predictable schedule and cannot just leave in the middle of a job because they have worked too many hours. However, many employers attempt to pay them as such. These employers try to deprive repair technicians of the pay to which they are lawfully entitled by withholding overtime or convincing them that they are not eligible to receive overtime…

Independent ContractorsIndependent Contractors

You may not think being classified as an independent contractor is a big deal, but in the United States, fraudulent classification of employees as "independent contractors" is on the rise. One of the most common tactics employers use to save money and avoid paying federal taxes is to label their employees "independent contractors." Order our free wage and overtime guide to learn about these cases.

Cable InstallersCable Installers

Cable TV and satellite installation companies frequently pay their installers and technicians on a "piece rate" basis. The company must take into consideration all compensation earned in a workweek when an employee works more than 40 hours so that the proper overtime pay may be calculated. Most employers who pay on a piece rate fail to track all time worked…

Sales RepresentativesSales Representatives

If you are a sales representative and your employer does not pay you overtime you may be getting cheated on your paycheck every month! Many employers will try and tell sales reps that they are exempt, or that since they are paid a salary they cannot receive overtime. This is simply not true.

Tipped EmployeesTipped Employees

If you are classified as a tipped employee, your tips may be counted as wages for purposes of meeting the minimum wage requirement of $7.25 per hour. This is known as a “tip credit” because your employer receives a “credit” toward the minimum wage requirements. However, this tip credit does not free your employer of their obligation to pay you a direct wage...


If you are a type of nurse, such as a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who is paid on an hourly basis the chances are very likely that you are eligible to receive overtime pay. The answer depends upon the particular facts of your case…


We run our own law firm and we know the demands we place on our own paralegals. With this knowledge we were able to calculate lost wages much higher than what the client expected. Do you ever: Return a call to the office after hours? Respond to work-related text messages? Check your email at home? Work at home? Each individual case is different…

Oil, Gas, Field WorkersOil, Gas, Field Workers

As a field service technician, you may be owed wages for unpaid work time that includes:

  • Calling in to check your day's schedule
  • Travel time to your first job site or between job sites
  • Safety meetings

Call Center WorkersCall Center Workers

Call center workers are frequently forced to work off the clock and may seek compensation for unpaid time due to:

  • Training
  • Working through lunch or inability to take breaks
  • Finishing a call that runs over into their scheduled ending time, completing paperwork

Banking IndustryBanking Industry

Jobs in the banking, mortgage or insurance industry require a lot of long hours and hard work. Unfortunately, mortgage industry employees also succumb to poor pay practices in which employers try to cheat them out of the wages to which they are legally entitled. Common mortgage industry pay violations include…

Retail Store EmployeesRetail Store Employees

The retail sales environment is filled with a multitude of wage violations. In order to stay within their store’s budgeted number of labor hours, many managers require employees to finish work off-the-clock, punish employees for working overtime, or alter time reports…

Accountants & AuditorsAccountants & Auditors

Because these positions are widely referred to as “white collar”, you might have believed that this means you are not eligible to receive overtime, especially if your job title contains words such as “senior,” “executive,” or “professional.” Judging by recent developments, accountants everywhere would do well to re-examine the exact nature of their job duties to make sure that their employers have not misclassified them as being “exempt” from overtime compensation…

Bookkeepers & ClerksBookkeepers & Clerks

Bookkeepers keep records of a business’ day-to-day financial transactions. But they typically do not exercise independent discretion and judgment in their job. They must follow strict company rules and they are performing a skilled task according to predetermined rules. Therefore, accounting clerks and bookkeepers are not exempt from overtime…

Other Workers We HelpOther Workers We Help

Employees everywhere in every industry have something in common - they are protected under the FLSA. If you are a worker and have been denied your rightful wages you may feel helpless and unsure if you have any options. The fact is, you have the right to get back pay owed, damages and attorney's fees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.