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Computer and IT The Computer Professional exemption does not apply to all computer professionals. Learn your FLSA rights by ordering our free overtime and wage claim guide.
Service Technicians Repair and service technicians are frequently denied overtime pay and are not compensated fairly or all hours worked. Contact Kennedy Hodges' overtime attorneys today for help.
Independent Contractors Are you misclassified as an independent contractor? Order a free copy of our wage guide to learn how this affects your paycheck & your overtime.
Cable Installers Satellite and cable TV installers and technicians in are frequently deprived of the overtime wages to which they are lawfully entitled. Contact Kennedy Hodges overtime lawyers today for a consultation.
Sales Representatives Sales agents and representatives should know if they are owed overtime under the FLSA. Order Kennedy Hodges' free wage and overtime book if you believe you have been cheated on your paycheck.
Tipped Employees Waiters and other tipped staff are often victims of wage theft. Tipped employees robbed of wages should order Kennedy Hodges free guide to learn your FLSA rights.
Nurses/Healthcare If you are a nurse or healthcare professional not being paid overtime order a free copy of Kennedy Hodges' wage and overtime book today. Contact our wage lawyers today for a free case review.
Paralegal Find out if you are a paralegal who is owed compensation for overtime. Contact an unpaid overtime lawyer at Kennedy Hodges for a free, confidential consultation about your case.
Oil, Gas, Field Workers Many oil and gas field service technicians are improperly classified as exempt employees and are not paid for all the hours they have worked.
Call Center Workers Call center workers are frequently forced to work off the clock and are deprived of the overtime wages to which they are lawfully entitled. Contact a Kennedy Hodges' overtime lawyer today for a free case evaluation.
Banking Industry Many banking, mortgage and insurance employees are being deprived of fair wages and overtime. Order Kennedy Hodges' free wage guide to learn how to recover your back pay.
Retail Store Employees The retail industry is filled with unlawful pay practices and wage violations. Order Kennedy Hodges' free guide to learn your FLSA rights under the labor laws.
Accountants & Auditors Accountants and auditors without CPA are eligible to overtime. Learn more with a free copy of The 10 Biggest Mistakes that can Hurt Your Wage and Overtime Claim.
Bookkeepers & Clerks Bookkeepers and clerks may be eligible to overtime pay. If you have been denied your wages order our free guide to learn your wage and overtime rights.
Other Workers We Help Denied your proper wages? Contact an employment lawyer from Kennedy Hodges to discuss what rights workers have under the labor and employment laws.

I am a commissioned employee, but my employer refuses to keep track of my hours and makes me count the tips that I receive as part of my commission. Is this allowed?

No. As a commissioned employee, you are not required to consider the tips that you receive as part of your commission. That money is strictly for you, and it also does not need to be shared with anyone else, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

As for keeping a record of the number of hours that you work, the Houston overtime lawyers in our office strongly encourage all employees - commissioned and non-commissioned - to keep track of their own hours. However, the FLSA requires employers to keep track of these hours, too.

Not keeping track of hours or counting tips towards commissions can cause your commission and overtime to be miscalculated, which can mean that you could be missing out on pay that you rightfully earned.

If you are a commissioned employee in Texas concerned about overtime pay, you should be looking at your rate of pay and whether or not it adds up correctly to ensure that you are making minimum wage. According to the FLSA, your regular rate of pay must be equal to or more than one and a half times the federal minimum wage of $7.25 for each hour worked over 40. If your employer does not keep track of your hours worked, then you may not be receiving the overtime that you deserve.

Still have more questions? Call 888.449.2068 today. The lawyers at Kennedy Hodges will provide you with a free copy of Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage and Overtime Claim. You also can fill out this online form, and an attorney will contact you immediately to schedule a free consultation.